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Vee Speers Craspedia 포스터

2-4 영업일 배송₩119,000 이상 무료 배송

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Vee Speers의 시리즈는 복잡한 세상에서의 고요한 고독의 순간을 상징합니다. 그녀의 시리즈에 담긴 꽃들은 보는 사람들로 하여금 꽃이 만발한 세계로 이끕니다. 이 포스터는 무광택 마감 처리된 Multi Art 갤러리 용지에 고품질 잉크로 인쇄됩니다.
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Artist: Vee Speers

포스터액자는 포함되어 있지 않습니다.PS52028-5

갤러리월 인테리어 아이디어

Vee Speers

Somewhere between the light and dark, and imagination and reality you will find Australian artist Vee Speers’ enchanting artwork. Vee Speers is able to enchant using a unique colour palette as well as dramatic imagery. Her big breakthrough was in 2005 when she presented her world-famous project ‘Bordello’. The project is a respectful, sensual and beautiful representation of female nudity. In 2008, Speers partially published the autobiographical and imaginative project ‘The Birthday Party’. A collection in which the viewer is taken into the careless and dramatically imaginative world of a child. Bulletproof is a description of the innocent and emotional stadium between childhood and adulthood. Thirteen is also a partially autobiographical project visualised by the portraits in The Birthday Party, that have been captured later in life. It doesn’t matter which project Vee Speers takes on, her signature style is clearly visible; with extraordinary stories between imagination and reality, between the obvious and unexpected, Speers knows how to create dramatically stunning artworks.