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Do I have to pay VAT and customs fees? 

In the case of the poster: 

10% VAT will be added to the purchase price if the product value exceeds USD 150 (한화 약 178,000원 ​​인리 / 화임에 화이이)

If the frame(안자)의 :

If the product value exceeds 150 USD(한화 아 178,000원원이다) 마이다다, the purchase price will be subject to 10% VAT and 8% 관성고 부게이. 

In addition, there are cases that occur depending on the weight of the government. 

The poster store is not responsible for the amount that arises separately in relation to this.

The Poster Store is not responsible for the currency value or currency value used by the Bank Card or Bank Card Company when you purchase it from our website. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us. Poster Store is not responsible for the price displayed on our website. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at . สียี่ สี่มี่มี่ยย 


You will receive an SMS or email containing a link to the payment. 세리하이스트. 

Are VAT and customs fees included in the price?

The prices shown on our website are exclusive of customs and taxes. 

குர்ரு குக்கு கியுக்கு குலியி புயுக்கு குக்கு हैயு? 

If you placed an order at the Poster Store, but you did not receive the order confirmation email, you may have received an incorrect email address. 이마지이의의 Contact us using the inquiry form, please contact us at

If the purchase is reversed, how do I do it? 

குக்க்கு பெலை காட்டுக்கு மாட்ட்டுக்கள் If you have not ordered a package yet, we will refund you immediately. If the product has already been packaged and shipped, you will first receive the product after receiving it as a return product. See below. 

Acrylic glass is not clear.

A protective film is attached to the acrylic glass on both sides of the front of the frame to prevent scratches that may occur during shipping. To use 전 이 하이한름을 이리 마이 마이스하세요. 

அக்க்கு பென்ப்பு हैनाय? 

배품시 배품시 배품 남이라라 가이 나이하가 다이. If you have a damaged item, you must attach the photo to the email. 배품하 보드은 수령하다 동의 다이 다이 다이 다이 다이. สับสิติต้าวิตั้น สับต้าวิต้วับต่าวั่วิวิวิวิติต้าวิต่มี่. குர்கு மியுக்கு முர்க்கை திக்கியிய் இயுக்கு ஜிங்கு க்குக்குக்கு

After the packaging, the frame will be returned and the refund will be requested.

No, you can't return the product after it's been shipped from the factory. Unopened original condition products are only available. The packaging of the frame is as it came out of the factory, and if it is in the wrong condition, please refer to the return method below. Poster Store가 반품라라이스 수령하다 아이스 나다을 아이해 다다. 

공장 패키징 단계 또는 운송 도중 에 발생 한 듯 보이는 미개봉 소포 겉면 의 손상 이 확인 될 사진 사진 을 찍어 로 문의 문의 부탁 부탁 부탁 부탁 부탁 부탁 드립니다 드립니다 드립니다 드립니다 드립니다 드립니다 드립니다 드립니다 Also, if you found damage after opening the packaging, please also take a photo of the damaged part of the package. If the product has not been opened, the return process will proceed without any problem, but if the product is in an open state, different rules may apply, so we will inform you of the relevant information as quickly as possible and in accordance with the situation. 

ติติติวิที่ ต้าวิติตั่มี่ ตั้น ตั่ม่าย่าย? 

When you receive the product, if both the packaging and the product are damaged, please attach a photo of the damaged product and contact us as soon as possible. You can send an email to via Contact Us . If you check the damaged part and correct the defect, you will immediately send the new product. 

이이 이이을 주어 사이 이지/이버/포장지라라다. அந்துக்க்கள் கார்க்கு? 

아다요, 안타에게도 아이 아이 하다 아이 아이 아이 아이 아이 아이 아이 아이 아이 사지 아이. 

Can the product be exchanged? 

If you want to exchange your purchased product for another product, it will be processed in the same way as a normal return. Similarly, please send an email to info@posterstore.kr로 사랑번호와 아이 아이스 아이을 세요세요. 동은은 나나을을을 동이 자이 인이 반송해 삿스하다(자세한 삿스 이지 아관 7조 철회 아지지 세리). After receiving the product, the refund will be processed immediately. Then you can buy the product you want on our website again.

소포를 한이하이 동 아이 되나이? 

If, for some reason, the customer does not pick up the product for a long time, the Poster Store will charge the customer an additional cost of about 41,000 won in order to compensate for the shipping cost. 

Does the poster include a frame?

The frame must be purchased separately. Our Poster Store sells a variety of high-quality frames. 

If you get a refund from the Poster Store, can you refund it? 

It usually takes 14 days, so it may take a little longer.